Exquisite B & W Costume Jewerly

Exquisite B & W Costume Jewerly
Exhibited at Holland Days in Malacca

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A field trip of photo shooting to the Earth Stockpile at Melak Riverside; off Jln. Kilang Melaka

Today Mr. Senior Yoong came to MAM and when I informed him about the discoveries of artifacts and coins at the aforesaid site; he instructed me to take time off , possibly during lunch break to capture the live photo shots of those people scavenging for artifacts of values…..

As I approach the said site, I could see about 20 people digging searching scavenging on the stockpile of earth excavated from the riverbed by its side. When approached, they kept mum about their findings because according to them , the Melaka Museum authority were on the way so they would find whatever possible as time was not on their side………..

Having a general survey around the stockpile, I then proceed to take shots on those artifacts found amongst the earth, stones and mud. Altogether I’ve discovered about 20 pieces mainly broken blue and white which at my first glance was thought to be from Ming ( 1368 -1644 ) Dynasty ‘s ceramics.

Although I did not discovered Portuguese & Dutch coins as reported in the newspaper; nevertheless I am happy with those photos taken which could be seen at www.picasaweb.google.com/barryng2663 .

Before returning to MAM I stopped by Bkt Cina area to have my favourite Teo Chew Rice at a shop name Teo Sheng next door to Wilson Chicken Rice.

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