Exquisite B & W Costume Jewerly

Exquisite B & W Costume Jewerly
Exhibited at Holland Days in Malacca

Monday, August 27, 2007

Dutch Harbour Café – Melaka

I have had the privilege to enjoy a delicious, sumptuous and meaningful lunch at the Dutch Harbour Café situated at 39, Jalan Laksamana 75100 Melaka http://www.dutchharbourcafe.com email: info@dutchharbourcafe.com I was presently surprise to see almost everything going Dutch culturally the very moment I enter the said premise.
A prominent signboard was displayed at the five-foot walkways with Dutch Foods delicacies and drinks. Inside dining sets were positioned romantically with little bouquet of flowers in the middle of the table. The main facing was two clocks; one with Malaysian time of 1.10pm and the other showing 7.10am Holland in the morning (correct me if I am wrong!).Another notable seen was the bunting of Holland Days in Melaka hanging high up readily visible to all. In the middle was a smiling Dutch Lady ( immediately reminded me of the DUTCH LADY infant nutrients in Malaysia ) greeting with colourful tulips and fresh vegetables.
I choose to sit in front of the serving ‘kitchen’ where a courteous waiter name Amy and a sweet fair lady Melissa came to my rescue; as I am alien to Dutch servings. I was referred to try out Chicken Croquette ( RM 7.00 )and a Cuban Perrier ( RM 9.00 ); although I couldn’t pronounce them! Though I must say the Chicken Croquette looked too small a plate for my appetite; it certainly tasted delicious. The Cuban Perrier is a mixture of sweet, sour and bitter drink before being stirred. The little umbrella over the drink was indeed in resonance to the hugh umbrella I was shield under. I was left with no more choice but to try another as my stomach was yarning for more ; so I tried the Chess Croissant ( RM 6.00 ) or else I would ‘die’ of hunger by tea break which I hardly leave the Maritime Archaeology Museum www.maritime.emalacca.com .
That it, I have had a sumptuous Dutch meal today. It was price reasonably and I would highly recommend to all visitors to Melaka to try them out. I was told that they open daily from 9.00am to 1.00am the following morning. Before I forget, the rear of this café is the ever historic and nostalgic Melaka River; where one or gang could spent the evening drinking beers till night fall…….
Although the Melaka River will continue to flow effortlessly, be it upstream during high tide or vise versa; our beers shall continue to flow towards building better acquaintance and friendship for better days ahead and luck in whatever we endeavor in.

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